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Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

This is a description of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns creation process in Hunch

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What is an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign?

This is a new, quick, and streamlined campaign setup optimised for eCommerce sales events.

This setup has only 1 ad set and up to 150 ads that leverage machine learning to identify and target high-value, high-intent customers within Meta’s network. Also, it lets you have prospecting and remarketing audiences under one campaign.

How does Hunch help?

This setup is heavily creative-based, in sense that it focuses on testing creatives and pushing the most performant ads instead of managing complicated setups. This is why Hunch can make a bigger bang for your buck with more prominent templates for your dynamic ads.

You can accomplish this in two ways:

  1. Creating a new Advantage+ Shopping Campaign in Hunch.

  2. Inserting Hunch ad into your existing Meta campaign

Should I insert ad, or create a completely new campaign?

This really depends on your needs and strategy.

First things first, there is an official limitation that says there can be only up to 8 Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns running at the same time in one country from one Ad Account.

This type of campaign performs the best if it has a lot of ads that keep going for a long time. Doing an ad insert will affect your learning the same way adding a regular new ad affects it, and it will take a bit more time than usual to get back on track than for normal campaigns, so make the change count and be patient.

Also, you should keep in mind that if you insert, the new ads will compete with the old ones, so don't make worse creatives than you already have - the prices should be at least as prominent, the template should be as nicely designed, etc.

The recommendation is to see what your most successful ads are and enrich them inside Hunch.

For any kind of short term purposes, you should probably start a new ASC campaign.

How to create an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign?

Advantage+ Shopping Campaign is a special setup of Sales objective.

As such, it is created by selecting the Sales objective, and then selecting the Advantage+ setup.

You will notice that you can only have 1 ad set with some of the fields set as presets.

ASC features


Some of the fields on Ad set level are fixed in this type of campaign. You can see these in Presets.

Existing Customer Budget Cap

You can combine new and existing customers in same ad set by specifying what percentage of campaign budget Meta should spend on your existing customers.

Ad Formats

  • Single Image

  • Single Video

  • Carousel

  • Dynamic Image

  • Dynamic Video

  • Dynamic Carousel

  • Collection

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