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Video - Custom Dynamic template
Video - Custom Dynamic template
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If you want to create a Dynamic template and take complete control over all animations and the timeline, you should use Custom mode. Custom animation mode allows you to create all individual animations manually, as well as to freely create and animate layouts.

You can do so by going to an Automated catalogue you plan on using in your next campaign and, under the template, create a new video template. You can pick an existing or new one by clicking the +Create button.

Once the canvas opens, you can choose between Single Item or Multi-Item modes. If you choose Multi-Item, you must pick Custom mode to continue creating a custom template. If you are more interested in Slideshow Mode, read it here.

From here on out, you can import the elements or the whole layout for your desired template.

You can add animations to all the elements and layers except the sound ones. Please read this article for more information on the animations and keyframes.

When a template becomes Dynamic by connecting it to a catalog, you can add conditions to layers or transformations to text layers from the Layer tab.

You can get more information about Conditional Layers and text transformations from this article.

Once you are satisfied with your template and how all the products look, name it, save it in Studio, and remember to save it in the Catalog windows.

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