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Team & Accounts setup
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Once you set up your Hunch team and authorize your Facebook profile, let's create separate Accounts from which you can manage specific businesses or organizations from Hunch!

This will help you have better control over which Meta Entities(Ad Accounts, Business Pages, Pixels) your team has and prevent you from launching campaigns from the wrong Ad Accounts.

First, go to the Settings page and navigate to the Account section.

From there, you can create or edit Brand Accounts.

You will have one account named Default that is not connected to any Meta entity; you can edit it or create a new one.

A new wizard will prompt by clicking Create New in the upper right corner.

The first step will be to type the name you want for your Account.

The second step is to connect all the Ad Accounts from Meta that you will need to manage this Account. You can select multiple Ad accounts by toggling the switch under Add column.

If you do not have any Ad Accounts listed or any other Meta entity, follow this link to ensure you are Authorised successfully, or if the problem persists, feel free to contact us.

The third step is to connect it to the Meta pages you plan to use.

Once again, it is not limited to one per Account.

The fourth step is to connect the catalogs, which is optional. You should know if you connect pre-existing catalogues from Meta, you will be able to use them through the Hunch Platform, but they can't be connected to templates you create from Hunch.

The fifth step is to connect the Hunch Account with your preferred channels for reporting.

You can connect it to your Google Analytics account by toggling on UTM parameters. Pre Populated UTMs will be auto-loaded with each new campaign you create in this Account, but you can also edit them from the campaign wizard, making it easier for you to keep track of them. If you want to use Dynamic attributes, start by typing # and following it with the attribute you want to use.

Besides analytics platform you can also receive notifications through Hunch if you connect with your Slack team or your email, this way you will get information based on the rules and strategies you can set up for each campaign.

Sixth step is giving your Campaign default Settings, by populating these you can launch your campaigns quicker. These settings include the default Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Catalog and Pixel that would be used when launching a campaign. Besides this, you can also add Location, Website Url and Conversion Domain.

Also, from here, you can implement naming conventions for all you Campaigns, AdSets, and Ads by adding static and dynamic elements in name templates.

The last page will be Finish, where you can review all the Meta entities you connected to your Hunch Account.

Congratulations, you have created an Account; now, you can add your team members to it, see this article to learn how.

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