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Design Requests for Hunch design team
Design Requests for Hunch design team

Order a dynamic template from Hunch design team

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This is an article about the premium service of ordering templates from Hunch Design Team. To read about the regular Design Requests and how to use them, read this article.

What is a Design Request for Hunch design team?

Design Request is a paid service offered by Hunch's design team that allows you to order custom-made image and video templates for use in your campaigns. These templates can be either adaptations of existing creatives or completely new designs created from scratch. The end result of the request is a dynamic template that you can use in campaigns.

How to use this service and what to expect?

These requests are charged based on the output and the type of service.

By default, this service incurs additional charges. here are 2 types of service:

  • Turn static creative into dynamic template

    If you want to reuse a creative, our team can find the best way to apply the dynamic data from your feed and prepare for multiple placements.

  • Build creative concept into dynamic template
    Hunch design team can prepare the creative from scratch, you can send the inspiration files and the brief.

And there are 2 types of output:

  • Image template

  • Video template

Pricing matrix

image template

video template

adapt static creative

€ 250

€ 500

adapt creative concept

€ 500

€ 1.000

You are in onboarding?
All teams get credited with 3 image templates and 2 video templates during the onboarding period, but we recommend consulting your contract or your customer success manager for detailed information.

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