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Dynamic creative templates
Dynamic creative templates
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Once you have created your first catalog in Hunch, you can use previously created Template, or create one from scratch inside the Catalog.

Open your desired catalog, and move to templates panel. From there you click on +Create button and you can pick which one you want to use.

Note for DPA catalogs you can only use square image format, while Automated can use all the formats.

After you are in studio you can now use dynamic properties.

Object that can be dynamic are: Images, Text, Video and Color.

To add new object that is dynamic, you can go to left tabs, and from Text or Image panel insert a dynamic object.

The other way to add dynamic object is to select a specific layer and to check dynamic checkbox, and pick from where do you want to get your data.

Last thing you can do with dynamic templates is create conditions for layer or groups of layers.
For example in this template we don't want to have price off badge if there is no sale.

To do so, move to Layer tab, and click tri dots, next to the layer you want to create a condition for.

In our case we want the percentage badge to be visible only if the percentage off is not 0, so we create that exact condition

When the condition is fulfilled, it will have blue dot next to the layer and the layer will be visible, if not, than that layer will not be visible.

For dynamic video templates, you can pick between Slideshow or Custom video mode.
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