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Track the spend on connected channels and the consumption of Design Requests

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Team Dashboard is only visible to the users with the Admin role.

Team Dashboard can help you see your:

To be able to track spend on a particular platform, you need to authorise it.

You can access the dashboard in your team Settings (upper right corner), and find it at any time in the left side menu.

Spend Tracker

Total spend vs Hunch spend

Total spend is the amount of money spent on all campaigns, ad sets or ads that belong to all Ad Accounts connected to the Hunch team.

Hunch Spend is the amount of money spent specifically on campaigns, ad sets or ads that are created on Hunch.

Data snapshot

Total spend that is made on a platform is synced regularly, and the time of the last sync is always visible in the last column.

Bear in mind that due to the variety in attribution settings and attribution resolution, the data may take up to 2 days to be consistent.

This means that if you are interested to see the spend made on Monday, what you see on Wednesday or later will be the most accurate data.

Break by Account

You can see all the same data broken down into each Hunch Account.

Be mindful though - one record corresponds to one Hunch Account, which is dependent on how you organized the accounts. So, if, say, two different Hunch accounts are connected to the same Meta Ad Account, their total spend will be the same, but Hunch spend for each Account will relate only to the ads that are places via that particular Hunch Account.

Conversion rates

All numbers are presented in USD currency, which means the conversion rate will be applied for spend made in any other currency.

The conversion rates are collected from ExchangeRateAPI each day at 4pm GMT+2. This rate will be applied to complete spend amount that is made that day, regardless of the timezone, as per Meta log.

Billing Period

Billing Period will be set by Hunch team, according to your contract.

If by any chance you have authorised the channel, but you still don't see this page, it might be that your team has no billing period set. In this case just contact your Customer Success Manager, or simply write in the chatbox here or in-app.

On-Demand Creatives

Our design team is at your disposal for any kind of design or production request. Read More here.

To keep track of what was requested from Hunch design team, you can check the "On-demand creatives" section of the Team Dashboard.

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